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Modernfold Glass Wall Systems add new openness to you space plans, making natural light a welcome addition to any design. With glass, elegance takes physical shape, becoming a tool with which architects and interior designers can craft unique and welcoming environments in uses as diverse as corporate, retail, and entertainment.

MOVEO Acoustical Glass Wall

In the past, designing for a movable wall system meant having to choose between the elegance of transparent glass and the sound separation advantages of a solid partition. But that was before Modernfold MOVEO.

MOVEO is easy to use with its electronically controlled ComforTronic top and bottom seals, as well as an electronically controlled final closure. The design is so simple and intuitive to operate, anyone in a typical office environment can expand or contract work space in a matter of moments to meet changing needs.

MOVEO Glass takes traditional moveable glass walls to the next level by introducing the ability to limit sound between work spaces. Light is allowed to pass freely through the slim profile framed glass panels, while noise is isolated and controlled, with sound insulation ratings of 45 STC for exceptional privacy. MOVEO brings new possibilities to the space and sound management of offices, schools, health care facilities, hotels, conference centers and any other environment where daylighting and unobstructed sightlines between partitioned areas is desired.

  • Ideal for applications where day lighting is desired in conjunction with sound separation
  • Takes traditional movable glass walls to the next level, limiting sound transmission between work spaces
  • Instant privacy, thanks to optional electrically operated blinds integrated within each panel

Horizontal Rail Systems

Imagine the sheer beauty of uninterrupted glass, yet housed in a design that delivers smooth operation and rock solid stability. That’s the promise of Modernfold Horizontal Rail Systems, the ideal solution when you need both visibility and security.

  • Top and bottom rails for panel stability
  • No vertical trim creates a clean frontage with no visual interruptions
  • Smart Track suspension system simplifies setup and storage
  • Straight line, angled, or circular configurations
  • Single and double pass doors available
  • Lightweight for ease of operation