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Modernfold Acousti-Seal operable partitions are the most flexible solution to making the most of your interior space requirements. Room sizes and shapes can be changed in a matter of minutes to control sound and capitalize on the revenue potential of your space.

Paired Panel Systems

For straight-line openings that do not require multiple locations or offset storage, a Modernfold paired panel system is ideal. Quick and easy setup is possible because the panels are hinged together in groups of two and move in a straight line within the opening.

  • Available with an acoustical rating of up to STC 56!
  • Multiple finishes available
  • No auxiliary storage track or support required
  • Economical overhead support of straight-line track
  • Smooth operation
  • Simple, automatic bottom seals for efficient operation
  • Suited for applications that require frequent use
  • Optional SOSS invisible hinges eliminate protrusions on the panel face

Single Panel Systems

For the largest openings, storage in remote pockets and in complex partition layouts, the single panel is the operable partition of choice. Modernfold single panel systems provide the ultimate in versatility and flexibility, allowing such capabilities as multiple room setups and changes in the location of pass doors and work surfaces.

  • Available with an acoustical rating of up to STC 56!
  • Multiple finishes available
  • Solves complex layout challenges
  • Accommodates a wide variety of floor conditions
  • Simplifies setup and storage with the use of Smart Track
  • Optimal for use in conference, multi-purpose, and convention facilities

Electrically Operated Systems

Continuously hinged panels are connected together in a train, extending as one complete unit. Modernfold electrically operated partitions facilitate quick setup time and provide efficient and convenient separation. Electric operation provides automatic setup without the need for manually moving the partitions into place. All Modernfold electric partitions are designed for simultaneous activation by two keyed switches to facilitate safe operation. Operational safety is vitally important to Modernfold. In addition to the standard built-in mechanisms, a variety of custom options are available, including heat sensitive touch pads, infrared safety systems and pocket sensors.

  • Quick and effortless setup
  • Bottom seals are set automatically when the partition is fully extended
  • Keyed switches prevent unauthorized operation
  • Integrated safety systems insure safe operation
  • Optimal for usage in school gyms, classrooms, hotels, and board rooms