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Renlita specializes in custom design and fabrication of vertical and horizontal operating doors. They custom design each project to the client’s objectives and specifications based on fundamental door models.

S-500 Liftaway Doors

Liftaway doors feature a steel frame counterweight balanced system that lifts vertically to a designated height.  They accept a wide variety of cladding options from steel to glass. They can be manually operated or motorized depending on width and cladding option.


S-1000 Floataway Doors

From residential to industrial, S-1000 doors have you covered. Each door is designed and manufactured individually using precise mathematical calculations to achieve optimal balance for safety, performance, and appearance.  Little headroom is necessary. Customization can include a flush mount exterior and a wide range of cladding and glazing options.  When opening, the door tilts and travels upward, coming to a rest in a horizontal configuration immediately below the lintel.


S-2000 Hingeway Doors

Hingeway doors are designed for industrial/commercial applications where minimum internal projection is required. Little headroom is necessary for this type of door. The door accepts a wide range of cladding and glazing options. When opening, the door folds a long a horizontal hinge line and moves upward coming to rest immediately below the lintel.


S-3000 Foldaway Doors

Similar to the S-2000, the 3000 door is perfect for applications where minimal internal and external projection is required. Little headroom is necessary. When opening, the door folds along a central hinge and moves upward, coming to rest in a horizontal position immediately below the lintel.  This door suits high security and high wind load applications.


Sovereign Doors

The sovereign door is a contemporary design that features no overhead tracks to obscure the ceiling. It is available in clear anodized aluminum or powder coat finish. All hardware, tracks, and components have matching finish providing a clean, modern appearance.